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Updates: 25 September 2008

  • The Four: Ep 3
  • Women of the Sun: Ep 20 (Complete!)
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Updates: 24 September 2008

  • 18 vs 29: Ep 13
  • Women of the Sun: Ep 18 & 19
  • LOS: Ep 3
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Update: 23 September 2008

  • The Four: Ep 2
  • Last One Standing: Ep 2
  • 18 vs 29: Ep 12
  • Women of the Sun: Ep 17
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Updates: 22 September 2008

  • The Four: Ep 1 (NEW!)
  • Last One Standing: Ep 1 (NEW!)
  • Tokyo Shower: Ep 2-4 (Completed!)
  • Women of the Sun: Ep 16
  • 18 vs 29: Ep 11
  • Love & Marriage: Ep 5
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The Four – 少年四大名捕 (2008) [03/24]

A drama adapted from the popular martial arts novel written by Wen Ruian about the four great constables, “Heartless”, “Metal Hand”, “Life Chaser” and “Cold Blood”.

Hardhearted and smart MO CHING (Raymond Lam) became a crippled when he was young. Fortunately CHING has met CHU KOT CHING NGO (Dominic Lam Ka Wah), the Head of the Sheriff Bureau, and has learnt from him his unparalleled skills of using concealed weapons. CHU has once helped the Sung Emperor recover an invaluable piece of article that the empire has long lost. To reward CHU, the Emperor reopened the Sheriff Bureau. In addition to CHING, CHU has recruited ZEOI MING (Sammul Chan), a cunning swindler, TIT SAU (Kenneth Ma), an honest guy and the cold-blooded LANG HUYT (Ron Ng), and called them The Four.

The Sheriff Bureau has cracked many difficult cases under the leadership of CHU. After having gone through thick and thin with the others, CHING has become a lot less arrogant. He has fallen in love with SONG CHI YIN (Kate Tsui), a herb doctor, but she is only using him to sow dissension amongst The Four, furthermore deepens the hatred between him and SAU. The King of Qi CHIU CHEONG (Tsang Wai Kuen) and the treacherous minister CHOI KING (Lau Kong) are plotting to revolt against the Sung Dynasty. CHU risks his life to ruin their plan but by doing this, he is also driving the bond between him and The Four to the verge of disintegration.


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Last One Standing – 與敵同行 (2008) [03/22]

Time was served for a crime he did not commit.
After ten years, can he discover the truth behind his father’s murder?

CHEUNG SING HEI (Kevin Cheng) is accused of murdering his stepfather and he is sent to the prison for 10 years. After being discharged from the prison, HEI decides to take revenge on his best friend and cousin TONG LAP YIN (Roger Kwok). YIN works as a notary. He is an honest and trust-worthy gentleman who never blames HEI for his short temper and unreasonable accusation. He spends a lot of time to investigate HEI’s case and help him find the real murderer. HEI and YIN used to be best companions but they fall out eventually because of deceit and trickery. What makes the matter worse is – they have fallen in love with the same woman.

HEI loses all his confidence after being sent to the jail unjustly. LEI PUI KA (Yoyo Mung), the reporter who visits him regularly during her voluntary services, manages to bring hope and joy to him again. Even though KA appreciates HEI’s character, she is deeply in love with YIN and she agrees to marry him eventually. However, KA receives some anonymous letters continuously and these letters give her a great shock.


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Tokyo Shower – 도쿄 여우비 (2008) [04/04]

Title: 도쿄 여우비 / Tokyo Shower
Also known as: Tokyo Sun Shower
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Jun-02 to 2008-Jun-10
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)
Lee Soo Jin is an actress that used to run away from her problems before getting famous. While filming a difficult commercial shoot, she gets scared and runs away. While on the run from her management company, she meets and grows to love Hyun Soo, a sushi chef from Korea living in Japan. She also befriends Eun Bi (an aspiring singer) and Park Sang Gil (a college student) both of whom are trying to make as Korean expatriates in Japan. Seven years have passed since Soo Jin last saw Hyun Soo and she can’t forget about him.


Kim Sa Rang as Lee Soo Jin
Kim Tae Woo as Jung Hyun Soo
Jin Goo as Park Sang Gil
Ivy as Eun Bi
Okuda Erika as Megumi
Lee Ki Young as Chun Man Hee
Otani Ryohei as Yuseuke
Yamamoto Kaku as Tanaka Harumi
Inohana Mai as Yuki

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Updates: 20 September 2008

  • East of Eden – Ep 5
  • Love & Marriage – Ep 4
  • 18 vs 29 – Ep 10
  • Women of the Sun – Ep 13 to 15
  • Tokyo Shower – Ep 1 (NEW!)
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Updates: 16 September 2008

  • Women of the Sun : Ep 10-12
  • Beethoven Virus: Ep 1 Subtitle
  • 18 vs 29: Ep 6-9
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